Negligence & Personal Injury Law

Smithtown Accident Injury Lawyer

Injured victims of accidents caused by negligence - on New York highways, in hospitals, on unsafe property and at the workplace - face special struggles.

Income is lost, from time off the job. Medical bills pile up. Motor vehicles must be repaired or replaced. Emotional trauma, and physical pain and suffering, can linger and make a person's life miserable.

In Smithtown, on New York's Long Island and for clients in surrounding areas, the lawyers of Mullen and Iannarone, P.C. aggressively advocate for the rights of victims of accidents, and family members left to mourn a relative's tragic wrongful death.

Our skilled, compassionate personal injury attorneys listen carefully to your account of what caused your accident. We evaluate your situation, answer your questions, provide you with guidance to protect your legal rights and inform you of what resources you are entitled to.

In short, we create practical solutions to legal problems when someone else's negligence leads to a serious accident that injures you.

Mullen and Iannarone, P.C. lawyers are always here when you need us. We take the time to guide you through the process, assist you in obtaining medical care and help you understand your rights while bringing the facts of your case to negotiations with an insurer - and a courtroom if necessary.