Matrimonial & Family Law

Smithtown Family Law Lawyer

When the most important factor in your decision to divorce is keeping your family together in difficult times, the attorneys at Mullen and Iannarone, P.C. work hard to resolve matrimonial disputes in ways that bring you peace of mind.

Since 1972, our trusted Smithtown law firm has built a strong reputation for being able to create practical solutions to legal problems. Our family law practice is no exception. We use a combination of legal recommendations and mediation to resolve events that could become unpleasant and difficult otherwise.

A divorce, no matter how contentious and divisive, need not drag on for years, pitting family members against one another, and draining finances and emotions. Mullen and Iannarone, P.C. divorce lawyers strive for the amicable agreement that dignifies what you had in your marriage and minimizes the potentially negative impact of divorce on your children. Our recommendations are designed to resolve all differences and help you to get on with your life.

On Long Island, from Montauk to Manhattan and surrounding areas in New York state, the attorneys of Mullen and Iannarone, P.C. are here when you need us - beginning with your initial consultation. Contact us today to discuss your marital issues in complete confidence.